The Global Flow of Omnichannel

Fung Global Retail & Technology recently compiled a list of eCommerce trends that are going from having regional impacts to global implications. The globalization of eCommerce will continue as shopper trends change all over the world. The internet and smartphones are changing how shoppers find and buy, and Omnichannel trends are going global as a result.

At Clavis Insight, we have been leveraging these global trends for the past few years. Our Location Based Analytics platform, which tracks SKU availability to the zip code level, was created in junction with our teams in France. France has by far the highest click and collect penetration, and we gained valuable insights working with brand manufactures in the country. These insights were then “exported” to all of our global regions, allowing our platform to stay on top of global trends as they emerge.

As shoppers change, so will retailers. Brand manufacturers need to take advantage of the latest Amazon innovations in order to understand the impact on their business. Only the nimblest brands will become category leaders and reap the rewards of the omnichannel shopping environment.

Finally, Clavis Insight created the global 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence framework to help track success no matter the market. The 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence™ framework has been vetted by the world’s leading manufacturers as a powerful methodology to address the nuances of the online channel. Start your 2018 planning off right by attending Applying 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence to Drive Amazon Sales and Share and fill out of the form below to learn about how we can turn global shopper trends into an asset!

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by Danny Silverman

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