October 23-24, 2018
London, England, United Kingdom


One Click Retail, PlanetRetail RNG and Clavis Insight are excited to announce that in response to the overwhelming interest, tickets are now available for our first-ever Amazon Hack-a-thon in Europe - October 23-24. 

Taking place in Central London, the Hack-a-thon will show you what it takes to “win” on Amazon. Led by foremost industry trailblazers, the Hack-a-thon will move beyond traditional Amazon 101 to take a deep-dive into your data insights to become an Amazon expert and grow your business.
Day 1 is overflowing with amazing content including client case studies, analysis of the upcoming 1P+3P merger, and of course, the Masterclass sessions. The Masterclass sessions are assigned breakout topics led by Amazon and eCommerce subject matter experts. Working in non-competitive peer-groups, you  will leave these sessions having made measurable improvements to your Amazon strategy that can be implemented within your business.


Day 2 is a new and optional offer to clients at no additional cost -- on a first-come, first-serve basis -- to schedule exclusive 1:1 one-hour consulting sessions on your key business challenges and opportunities with your One Click Retail, Clavis Insight or Planet Retail RNG client teams between 8am-12pm.  

If you're interested, please indicate your interest when you register and our team will follow-up to schedule that with you.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to improve your Amazon strategy. Early Bird discounts are available now, buy your tickets today! 
Early Bird Ticket – £500 (available until September 30)
Standard Ticket – £650




Amazon Hack-a-thon – London, UK – October 23, 2018
Day 1 Agenda



October 23 (Day 1) Amazon Masterclass Hack Session Overviews

Gemma Pinedo
Planet Retail RNG

Cross Border Trading Implications and Strategy [Cross-Border Management]

Over the next 5 years eCommerce will be the fastest growing retail channel at a CAGR 2017-2022 +14%. Due to high fixed costs of eCommerce, scale is a critical part of achieving favorable economics online. The global landscape is expected to further consolidate, resulting in a few,  borderless eCommerce operators which will present a supply chain and pricing challenge and potentially represents a barrier to grow profitably. Join this hack session to: develop a comprehensive growth plan for your business,  learn to engage with global platforms in a coordinated fashion, and understand how to overcome these unique global barriers in a profitable and strategic way.

Patrick Miller
Flywheel Digital

Dan Parkinson
Flywheel Digital

Using AMS to Drive Sales on Amazon [Demand Generation]

From its inception, Amazon has always been a “search first” platform. Many brands have lived and died depending solely on whether they recognized this “cardinal rule” of Amazon or not.  Luckily, there is a tool available to tackle this very challenge – AMS, which allows brand manufacturers to delight customers via discoverability while also increasing sales. Thus, a thoughtful AMS strategy should be a central part of any brand’s approach to “winning” on Amazon. Come to this hack session to overcome the notoriously steep learning curve and learn to leverage AMS in a more strategic way. You will leave this hack session with not only tips and tricks on how to better take advantage of this ever-changing platform, but also gain an expert understanding of the Amazon demand generation capabilities available through AMS.

Alex McCord
Flywheel Digital

Joint Value Creation: Taking the Long View on Driving a Sustainable Amazon P&L [Joint Value Creation]

Believe it or not, Amazon didn’t always offer the impressive breadth of categories and products that are available to consumers today. Nor was Amazon able to boast the ever-expanding, global reach they currently enjoy. When it launched, certain categories and regions were forced to become “first-movers” on Amazon, learning through experience how to build a successful business strategy on the, then fledgling, eCommerce platform. Consequently, newer players are now able to double-down on the successes experienced by these “first-movers”, and altogether avoid their pitfalls. Join this hack session to use these “first-mover” learnings as the starting point for your brand to build a business plan driving long term growth on Amazon that increases not only your own profit, but also Amazon’s. 

Bill Senenko IdeoClick

Mike Burrington

1P vs. 3P: How to Navigate the Evolving Selling Models [Selling Models]

What's the difference between selling 1P vs. 3P on Amazon?  What are the possible benefits if you were to employ a joint strategy? Will the merging of Amazon's retail and marketplace operations impact your business? In this hack session, you will learn all about Amazon's various fulfillment models as well as their latest stance on hybrid selling. We will analyze how incremental growth can be gained from a hybrid model while also exploring the potential complications, giving you the necessary insights needed to set your brand up for success. Leave this session with the tools needed to decide if hybrid selling on Amazon is right for you and your business.

Andrea Leigh

Are You Ready for 2019? [Partnership] 

Does it always feel like Amazon has the upper hand during your annual negotiations? How can you best prepare yourself to get a fair deal? What was learned from this year's cycle that can better prepare you for 2019 discussions? Educate yourself and be ready to come out of annual negotiations successfully!   This session will help you understand how to best partner with Amazon by providing you with a look behind the curtain into Amazon’s negotiations strategy and culture, as well as exploring who you're actually negotiating with. Plan to leave this session armed with all the key components and KPIs necessary for successful 2019 negotiations with Amazon.

Alain Van den Eynde
One Click Retail

Stephanie Leffler OneSpace

How to Improve Amazon SEO and Sales through Textual Analysis [Presence Management]

Typically, more than 90% of purchases on Amazon begin with search, so it is absolutely critical that your content reflects the way that consumers interact with Amazon. This hack session will focus on how your brand can mine the Amazon data to find relevant keywords and show you the best practices for optimizing your brand content appropriately. Ultimately, giving you the tool to measure your performance on an ongoing basis. Walk away from this session with both the practical tools and the strategic vision required to consider yourself Amazon SEO expert.


What is a Hack-a-thon?

The Hack-a-thon is an Amazon-centric, deep-dive masterclass and summit where participants work closely with Amazon insiders and experts on the latest best practices and strategies needed to succeed on the fastest growing eCommerce platform in the world. At the Hack-a-thon, attendees will be placed in non-compete, breakout groups and work with our instructors on a variety of topics ranging from 1P vs 3P to Winning Content. The goal of the Hack-a-thon is not for you to listen to a lecture, it is to provide you with a working session with topical experts. 



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