FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –  Sept. 6, 2017 – BOSTON - Clavis Insight, the global leader in eCommerce Intelligence for product manufacturers, announced the launch of The Definitive Guide to the Perfect Page, an eBook of best practices and tips to guide manufacturers and retailers on how to build, deliver and monitor product information for the online channel. Clavis was joined by six other leading eCommerce technology and service providers to write the book: Bazaarvoice, Content26, Criteo, IRI, Salsify and Webcollage.

Success in eCommerce is dependent on having accurate, timely and engaging online content – i.e., the Perfect Page – to engage consumers, and ultimately drive conversion and sales. With growing competition online, manufacturers need to work hard to make their products stand out. High quality content is essential if their products are to be found, considered, and purchased, whether the final purchase happens online or in-store. Retail brands and manufacturers are deploying increasingly sophisticated tools, techniques, and analytics solutions to support their efforts to grow category sales both online and in-store. In The Definitive Guide to the Perfect Page, manufacturers can learn best practices for content across the eCommerce ecosystem, with unique insights on the various stages to building the Perfect Page.

Chapters and contributions include:

Chapter 1:   eCommerce Content Creation by Content26

Chapter 2:   Take Control of your Product Experience by Salsify

Chapter 3:   Optimizing with Enhanced Content by Webcollage

Chapter 4:   The Role of Consumer-generated Content in Driving Consideration & Conversion by Bazaarvoice

Chapter 5:   Driving Traffic by Criteo

Chapter 6:   What is eCommerce Analytics? by Clavis Insight

Chapter 7:   Helping Firms Measure Online Performance & Optimize Cross-Channel Growth Capabilities by IRI

“The eCommerce ecosystem is constantly changing - while eCommerce is decades old, the rapid evolution of online retailer technology and innovation means manufacturers constantly have new opportunities to win at the shelf. We wanted to build a guide to help them do just that, in the most effective way,” said Danny Silverman, head of Marketing at Clavis Insight. “We partnered with these six leading companies because each fulfills a specific role in helping manufacturers build the Perfect Page, drive traffic to it, and ultimately drive conversion and sales. Together, we enable brands to integrate a variety of solutions for more impactful business intelligence, streamlined business processes, and ultimately the ability to stay ahead of the competition.”

The eBook is available for free download at:

About Clavis Insight

Clavis Insight is the global leader in online channel analytics for product manufacturers, and the principal innovator at the forefront of the eCommerce analytics revolution. The company has developed a powerful framework - 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence™ - for organizing and prioritizing eCommerce analytics, and actions to drive online channel success for brands. Global manufacturers use our daily eCommerce analytics to drive sales in their categories online, optimize content for brand equity enhancement, protection and product information compliance, and to deliver consistent, unified reporting on brand presence and omni-channel performance.

Headquartered in Dublin, with offices and local market expertise in Boston, London, Paris and Shanghai, Clavis Insight is the strategic partner to hundreds of the world's largest and most popular brands in over 50 countries. We also collaborate with technology and service providers across the eCommerce ecosystem, and provide an easily accessible Application Programming Interface (API), enabling brands to integrate their solutions for more impactful business intelligence, streamlined business processes, and the ability to beat the competition.

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