Friday, January 26th

11:00AM EST | 4:00PM GMT

The marriage of Clavis Insight and One Click Retail is about much more than joining together two data sets, or consolidating two solution providers into one. 

As industry leaders who have each played an instrumental role in how the global product manufacturer industry analyzes and measures eCommerce performance, we now have the unique opportunity to establish the gold standard, most comprehensive, accurate and actionable eCommerce insights and analytics solutions across online retailer sites worldwide.

Join One Click Retail’s CEO Spencer Millerberg, and Clavis Insight’s Chief Marketing Officer Danny Silverman, for a live webinar on January 26th where they will answer your questions on how the combination will help you drive online channel sales and share. 

In addition to answering your questions, Danny and Spencer will cover their topline thoughts on how the convergence of Clavis Insight’s 6Ps insights and analytics, and One Click Retail’s category share data might come together to deliver a new product greater than the sum of the contributing parts; as well as their own views on what excites them most about the joining together of the companies. 

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Spencer Millerberg
Chief Executive Officer, One Click Retail

Spencer Millerberg

Spencer Millerberg is the CEO and Founder of One Click Retail, a market leader in eCommerce data measurement, sales analytics and search optimization for brand manufacturers globally. The company provides eCommerce sales, market share, SEO, advertising ROI, and more, for over 100+ of the world’s best brands such as Procter & Gamble, Panasonic, Nestle, Hamilton Beach and HP. One Click Retail was recently acquired by Ascential plc.

Danny Silverman
Chief Marketing Officer, Clavis Insight

Danny Silverman

Danny Silverman leads product and corporate marketing at Clavis Insight. He is an established industry thought leader with over 14 years of experience helping CPG/FMCG brands grow online presence and sales. Prior to joining Clavis Insight, he led the Sales Strategy & Support practice at Catapult eCommerce. Before that, he spent eight years at Johnson & Johnson where he was responsible for spearheading J&J’s eCommerce strategy and capability.